Notes on drafts, concepts and methodologies
A Brief notes on some twists and bets that we have integrated to the project this year. We decided to rename the residence as "Strip Art-Community" to communicate generally indeterminate border between our project explores artistic practices and community processes. "Only with Natura", previous name, remains as the organization behind the project, and recycled brand marketed as one of the strategies of economic support products.

From mid-April 2011 we started organizing the residence in the commune of Engabao province of Guayas, context in which we aim to work up to end-2012 More information about the context find the text of Galo Plaza.

For this edition, we maintain the concept developed for Puerto El Morro (2009) where critical practices, dialogic, participatory, collaborative and emancipatory involving contemporary artists, local artists and community members were promoted. The conceptualization and design of the residence of the recognition of the complex web of power relations, inequalities, violence and subordination faced by municipalities, dating back to the colonial period and updated in various ways. From this place and recognizing the resistors Transcultural assemblages and dynamics of communities, we aim to activate incentive, platforms and poetic-political exercises for intercultural dialogue.

To reinforce this mode of operation conducted on 16 April a workshop with community leaders Engabao to know your material, immaterial culture, needs, problems, history, conflicts, internal and external organizations active in the community. This workshop was in collaboration with the sociologist guayaquileño Galo Plaza and was the first step in identifying the contextual conditions in which we would work along these two years.

Identifying these conditions (strengths or weaknesses) was given from two perspectives: the express request of leaders of the community to work on specific interests, and the perception by the organizing team of the residence, marginalized issues that we believe deserve attention .

This year we also perform a very important partnership to reinforce the concept and development of the project. Two students of the Master of Visual Anthropology FLACSO, are developing their thesis counting Strip Art-Community platform. This partnership responds to encourage shared dialogue and transits between art and anthropology interests. The reflection of the academic program encourages around ethical, political and epistemological dilemmas facing anthropology in community settings, we are highly relevant. Similarly, the recognition of the scope and experimentation that provides art to anthropology. The residence provides the opportunity to articulate ethnographic and artistic theory and praxis.

For this edition we have also concerned to ensure the necessary steps to expand our work for a period of two years in the district, we estimate the time to plant and encourage initiatives and platforms together with community conditions. The last week of October 2011 will be the time when all the participants, who are already turning their exercises with different groups will meet in Engabao to socialize their progress and prospects for 2012.

Another aspect that we would like to highlight is the introduction to this edition of draft activism on sexual diversity. The affinity and interest in this project for art, will be a great opportunity to find the power of this dialogue. We will also have the support of a platform that links art and gastronomy. We are interested in promoting convergence between fields and disciplines that have remained distant.

As in the previous edition, the practice of artists is characterized by its experience and commitment to working with groups and communities, and the multidisciplinary approach to their work.