Limoncito 2008

Cuenca - artists
Liquor blessed land of Limoncito

When Pons knew Jimmy and the district decided to make a radical change in their practice. They squirts of their authors' previous research and aesthetic, ventured to propose the creation of a product with potential symbolic value and exchange value for the campus. The idea of ​​a flavored liquor to the commune was received with enthusiasm, and the guides decided the plum, orange and mango fruit grown in the area, were part of the ingredients. Reterritorializaron artists Lemonchelo recipe and your local version was dubbed "Limonacho". They took part in the preparation of liquor women in charge of the kitchen in the communal house, and after a few days of maceration, in the closing program, the artists made the official presentation of the liquor to the President the Commune Angel Orrala to community representatives, and the media. Barreta and Pons, led by Juana Córdova, also taught drawing paper craft corn husk where they wrote the recipe that was given to a representative of women.

* Ariadna Baretta (n. 1971, Mariquita, Colombia) lives and works in Cuenca, Ecuador.

He received the Bachelor of Visual Arts (2003) at the University of Cuenca, Ecuador; currently pursuing a Master of Arts major in Theory and Philosophy of Art (2009) at the University of Cuenca, Ecuador. Since 2001 he has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions Cuenca, Guayaquil and Quito. His main interests passing one hand, spatial intervention roads where the viewer is co-participant of his artistic practice installation nature; on the other, explores the intimate territory bundle to that feminine world. mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

* Maria Veronica Pons Páez (n. Quito 1977), currently living in Cuenca, Ecuador.

He earned his Bachelor of Visual Arts at the University of Cuenca in 2003; when he is finishing a Masters in Theory and Philosophy of Art at the same academic institution. With essentially instalativos projects since its first public showing in 2002 "hic et nunc" investigates the correlation between work and exhibition space, plus the playful element of art, invariably present in each of its proposed plastic hinge as binding between the viewer and the work (which usually takes character staging). He has exhibited in major cities such as Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca and Ambato and participated in some important events such as the International Biennial of Cuenca in its VIII "Iconophilia" in 2004 with the installative work and digital photography "Snack crazy "National Hall and Mariano Aguilera in its call" the artist and his time "in 2005.