Limoncito 2008


The Limoncito enclosure is in the Guayas Province.

You reach Limoncito taking the road to the coast to 30 km and is entered by the Channel CEDEGE about 15 km more.

According to the reviews compiled by Mr. Angel Orrala, Moises Gonzalez, Toribio Orrala this community and Erasmo González existed since 1901, when Mr. Manuel arrives Orrala Lainez and his wife Mercedes Matías González with a daughter one year old. In 1910 he was chosen as inspector. Later people from other communities as Zapotal, Colonche, etc settled there.

In 1923 he passed the first car on this site, because there was no vehicular road before only bridle path where people moved to "donkey" to the City of Guayaquil.

Villagers claim that the name of Limoncito because in this area many lemon trees were planted. At present other products such as corn, tomatoes, ... This building was also called "La Teresita" and consisted for many years in the maps.

grown In 2003, they had the support of Plan International, who managed the elevated tank to carry every house piped water, unfortunately stopped working.

This enclosure is governed by a council consisting of a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a Trustee. To date Mr. Wilmer Orrala is the President.

Limoncito 2008 - Background
Most people working in the agricultural and livestock haciendas of the area from 6h00 to 19h00 Monday to Friday and Saturday from 7h00 to 13h00. Your weekly earnings are $ 30.00.

The religious festival is celebrating La Virgen de la Merced on September 24. They make games like crock pot, despescuezado rooster and donkey race.

In the complex with over 200 people. Most houses are made of cement and zinc roof, very few cane. Purchased daily water tanker, given that the International Plan developed a piped water project but only worked for 4 months and still no repair. The community has electricity.

There is a school with Basic Education "Carlos Moreno Arias". Most have had little education, including minors who have only studied the primary.