Limoncito 2008

Guayaquil - Artist

Tomorrow morning touches you or you die

On the way to the Strawberry Grounds, adjacent to Limoncito, the artist participated in an abandoned house by emigration. Nine machetes (by nine artists) atravezaban one of the reed walls, evoking a gesture local belief and protection against evil. Inside the house placed a video documenting how a villager (represented by the artist) butted one by one and ritually machetes, creating a disturbing climate of expectation. The intervention explored the psychic dimension evoked by spatial and luminous qualities of this abandoned space. The investigation took as a reference to the specific site of Gordon Matta-Clark, and the result was a strong research and symbolic unveiling of the spatial layers of the site, predominantly conceptual and metaphorical perspective. The process of making and meaning of work did not include the participation of the community, and while Palacios considered modifying the project to one that could potentially involve limonenses for various reasons this was not possible.