Limoncito 2008

Pass the ball

The use of textures and aesthetics landscape intervention in the tradition of Land Art were the mainstays of this project. The product of larger crop in the area is corn, and its residue, used as feed for livestock, was recycled by artists to draw a sphere. Day after day in the longhouse, Córdova and Peña laboriously wove this ball with the technical collaboration of the guides and the support of artists. The sphere was suspended on a hill, and faced the challenge of competing with the scale of the landscape. From the top of the hill, at the residence, the artists promoted a viewpoint towards Limoncito, and the area was interpreted by guides like a giant lemon that could serve as a memorial or to mark the boundaries of the campus. But the land where he settled was destined for another use, and beyond the sphere could not escape the burning earth as part of the harvest cycle. Possibly this organic sculpture inhabits the memories of the way to Limon to legend, imaginary monument result of effort and wishes of artists and Limon.


Juana Córdova (n.1973 Cuenca, Ecuador) works in Quito, Ecuador.

He received the Bachelor of Visual Arts (1997) from the School of Visual Arts at the University of Cuenca. He has had solo exhibitions in Quito Guayaquil and Cuenca since 2005 and participated in collective events since 1998 We are interested in addressing social issues questioning the role of the individual in society and also explore on individual and psychological issues. Work with different symbolic materials such as keys, bones, dice, matches, etc. and uses different techniques to build objects or interventions in specific spaces amenities or video projections. He developed techniques of paper work and is currently making a medicinal garden in this material. He has received awards and honors in the country (Prix de Paris, the French Alliance 2000), (National Exhibition of the Biennale of Cuenca, 2003), (Trade Foundation and Mariano Aguilera Award, 2004 and 2005). He has participated in residencies with foreign and national artists for specific jobs.