Limoncito 2008


Give visibility to your environment, adding a dimension that fosters interest in it and eventually provide development alternatives to its inhabitants.
Convert to place in a community workshop center for various purposes like making crafts, culinary arts and tourism development, etc.
Making the works arising from this experience can be used as a point of interest in ecotourism and cultural tour being these tools for the recognition of the place and its people.

Limoncito community has many problems, still the lack of jobs one of the main problems. There are no basic services such as potable water or sewage and education only reaches the primary level.

More and more young people leave school to go to the fields there.

Fundamental Strategy
Train and motivate the community by implementing a community development plan which are taught to create crafts, community farms and ecotourism.

Arrival of artists and Induction Workshop
20-21 November / 08

Departure of artists Residence
November 21/08

Period of living and carrying out the works
22 to 28 Nov / 08

Opening and transfer to Hotel
November 29/08