Limoncito 2008

Cuenca - professional guitarist and music producer


As a musician and producer, Zamora was not interested in moving or aesthetic context but devoted himself to restore the intangible culture of the inhabitants. He conducted interviews with elderly limonenses and built by sound recording with an invaluable oral history, traditions and daily life of the campus, testimonials accompanied with original music background. Was achieved manage these pieces sound transmission by radio station Antena 3, and also spread to speakers during the closing program of the residence. To my mind, of all artistic practices that achieved was gestate links and more fluid and close dialogue with Limon. Zamora also resorted to the method of induction, and operated as a producer of a song by a singer and a guitarist Campus. The Angel and Cross Orrala brothers decided to appropriate the parade "Soy del Carchi" to compose, with the collaboration of artists, the lyrics of a song for Limoncito, which features, among other things, on the visit of the artists. The arrangement of this song was an endearing moment for those involved, and accompany their singing when Orrala brothers made the last day of its presentation to the public.

* Renato Xavier Zamora Arízaga (n., 1975, Cuenca, Ecuador) lives and works in Quito, Ecuador.

He received his degree in Professional Music Producer in the year 2008 and November Technician Sound & Recording in 2007, at the School of Music of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina. Professional Guitarist and Music Producer. His musical training began at the age of 9 years studying guitar and piano at the "José María Rodríguez" Cuenca, Ecuador, at age 11 began studying guitar by maestro Carlo Magno Garcia was a student also parallel Jaime Moscoso and guitarists Johnny Iñiguez. He has been part of various musical projects within and outside the country, a founding member of the rock group "Overweight" with whom the public four CDs "Native Rock" 1996 Zone 9 Records, "Roulette" Psiqueros Records 1998, "History of Rock Cuencano "2003 Independent Production," Anorexia "2005 Circulo Musical Records, has performed with artists such as Heroes del Silencio (Spain), Café Tacuba (Mexico), Manu Chao (France), Virus (Argentina), Molotov.