Limoncito 2008

Quito - artist and singer

Gallo Despescuezado

The despescuezado gallo is a traditional game that is usually done in the festivities of the Virgen de la Merced, where he is buried alive animal and a commoner, blindfolded and machete in hand, should cut off his head. The winner takes the cock and the next year should offer up another. Saskia, impressed by this popular practice is proposed burying recreate this tradition to sing the most urgent needs of Limoncito, they were informed by the villagers. Of all the projects this was the most expectations generated among Limon. The unusual reinterpretation of keeping alive a tradition that allowed identification of very specific points, usually through humor or surprise. Furthermore, tests performed opera singing Saskia in the longhouse devenían a powerful and haunting sound and performative intervention in their daily lives. The action also took advantage of the temporal and spatial characteristics of the decommissioning program, such as its degree of showmanship. Saskia performó two occasions since the funeral, her image and song were deeply moving, distressing and highly symbolic resonance.


* Saskia Calderon (n. Quito-Ecuador 1981)

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Printmaking specialization, Central University of Ecuador (2003). Currently studying at the National Conservatoria Canto Music. He received the Second Prize in Painting, Faculty of Arts Internal competition. Quito (1997). Scholarship for Academic Excellence, Central University of Ecuador (1998). Artist invited to the opening of the Salon Mariano Aguilera, Centro Cultural Metropolitano (2003 and 2004). Second Honorable Mention in the First Biennial Sculpture, Imbabura, Ecuador (2006); The Ecuadorian Plastic Group Exhibition in Mexico, Mexico, DF; Paris XV Biennale Closing Time Quito, Movies Ocho y Medio - MAAC Quito, Guayaquil, Ecuador (2007); Biennial International Siart, La Paz, Bolivia (2007); LUCIDA, TV series on Latin American Art Videos, Argentina;
Alucine Media Fest Festival, Toronto, Canada (2008).