Morro y Puerto El Morro

Cristina Salas

Ideas and gestures to create a desired garden:

"A garden (French garden, orchard) is an area of ​​land where plants are grown with the possible addition of other elements such as fountains or sculptures, for the pleasure of the senses." (Wikipedia).

During the workshop would be important to define who will use the space. This, do you become a garden? From entertainment, gaming, meeting, reflection, planting native plants, botanical garden, etc.

. It is still early to have a definite idea on how would this garden, because it depends on the motivations of individuals at the community, dimensions, people would work, the plants that we could use, etc.
At first I thought it would be interesting to take part in the machinery with paint and fabrics, to change its meaning by changing its shape. Not rule out this possibility in the case was a disused machinery that can reach the site and we could rescue.

But for now I have other ideas slightest intervention that could work without having to bring unnecessary items.

I chose to create minimal gestures, such as creating a trail with rocks, a mountain with the same soil that leaves the barricade, creating a fabric that is as an offering to the land where the plants grow, etc. I have created different models for ideas to change the topography or use of space and above the ground leaving the barricade as volume in the garden.

I have also developed a palette of simple gestures and materials that change their composition and use can be tailored to what we wanted to do in our garden.

All these ideas serve to begin to define what we want to create in the garden.