Morro y Puerto El Morro

Marcelo Miranda

"El Morro was head of a canton, but today we have a parish in another county. This town is much breeding cattle, cheese and butter fame is made, and good watermelons are harvested. Their inhabitants weave straw hats and tinturan purple thread (snail) great appreciation for embroidery boats are also built, as they are fond of navy in the estuary called the Morro, whereby up some boats, there is a port where you can see lots of them.. it has a nice house on the estate called Morro. canton belonged to this village Chanduy, and on the coast between this and El Morro are small communities, such as Rincon, Pocitos, Tamarindo and Engabao, etc. "Source Geography of the Republic of Ecuador. Manuel Villavicenso, New York 1858

About Albarradas, Camellones and Tola
"We can say that the Ecuadorian tropical dry forest is an area to be occupied and exploited intensively it required both the accumulation of environmental knowledge as a laborious social organization capable of performing efficient and numerous works to maintain increasingly large and complex settlements (Marcos 2000).

One of the technologies developed by the native societies, given the environmental conditions presented by the region were the barricades. Through the use of these systems and particularly seasonal water surpluses produced by the El Niño phenomenon is rationalized. Source: "Agriculture and Ancestral Camellones Albarradas" Francisco Valdez Editor. Abya Yala.

More information: "Municipalities and Communities Albarradas system" Silvia G. Alvarez. Abya Yala.