Morro y Puerto El Morro

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Marcelo Miranda

In Puerto Morro Alexander and the rest of the companions in full, keeping several meetings, interviews and tours ... learning a little. Very encouraged with the place and its people.

Recently - March 2013- in the Gulf of Guayaquil preparing Strip Art and Community Residence Alexander Meitin Wing Plastic


Community Guayas Ecuador - In early March 2013, a series of activities to project the Art Residence Gaza were performed. Workshops and tours were designed to record local initiatives and knowledge on crops and plants.

Meeting with the Children's Center of Good Living, "Joyful Angels" MIES (Ministry of Socio-Economic Inclusion of the Nation.) How do we improve our garden

With members of the Association visiting Fertile Soil for the proposed construction of a barricade site.

Workshop with the youth group to put together a nursery APROFE community that serves native species to reforest public spaces.