El Morro y Puerto El Morro

The residency at El Morro and Puerto del Morro will be held in the month of November of 2013.
It will be attended by national artists, musicians, dancers, journalists and foreign biologist, this year's curator is Alejandro Meitin (Argentina), who will collect all the information of projects.

On Friday, March 1, 2013 first internal meeting with artists and interested in the next residence in the town of Puerto El Morro.

Friday 2 March 2013 afternoon Lic. Marcelo Miranda offered a workshop on local knowledge in the Use of Plants and evening will make a presentation to the artists and community representatives of Puerto El Morro and Engabao. In this presentation we will discuss our ideas and develop expectations about the next residence and present a set of artistic strategies compared to co-development community beyond the aesthetic, emphasizing experiences in Latin America and the way in which from those experiences to give continuity to the emerging body in this new phase.

Saturday March 3, 2013 meeting with representatives of the community with whom we will work, meetings in which we will focus on providing space imagination to envision the scope of the next residence and the ability to upgrade capabilities to integrate and mobilize new forms of collective construction resizing possibilities for artistic intervention. They are supplemented by occasional travel to the area to define areas in the same workshops in order to perform survey and identification of environments to assess the potential and limitations of the medium for the introduction of plant species.