Property History pork has long been present in the community of Puerto El Morro, Ecuador.
Many families have one or two pigs, but unfortunately lack the resources and space to create adequate shelter for them within their own homes. free
It is a common practice for pigs roam freely in the streets during the day, which creates an unhealthy and repulsive for residents and tourists environment. free
We want to create a unique infrastructure that will allow the Morro Puerto pigs to co-exist with the community in a more controlled and structured manner. Our goal is to create a healthier environment, and more positive for everyone!

Starting Point
During a workshop with the village children, asked: free
"What would you do if you were mayor for a day?" free
and quickly responding enthusiastically

Our Proposal: "Pigways"
Create the first prototype of a shelter, fenced path to control the movement of pigs in the city.
Introduce a program to collect food waste to support the needs of pigs. Support the local economy with the ability to create new businesses around producing excellent pork products.
Create a manual for reproduction so that other cities with the same subject can build your own. free
Starting Point
During a workshop with the village children, asked:
"What would you do if you were mayor for a day?"
and quickly responding enthusiastically
After analyzing the land use in the city has identified several areas of opportunity for the location of the first prototype Pigway. Together with the community we will determine which section of Pto. Morro has the greatest need of this intervention. free

Detail Section of Pigway Assembly and Materials

Analysis of Puerto el Morro into Pig Ownership Districts

Further Analysis of Potential Building Zones within each District

APROFE: Our Community Partner
A distinguished public health organization in Ecuador Which offers services to Rural Communities with little resources. They are private, non-profit, apolitical and respectful of any religious creed. Their mission is to inform, orient, educate and Provide quality medical services. Initiated APROFE has several community outreach programs to engage the people of Puerto El Morro and othernearby towns.

Center for Art and Public Life
Team PigPals is a recipient of the 2014 IMPACT Award.
We would like to thank the Center for Art and Public Life at California College of the Arts , and the anonymous donors whose generosity makes the IMPACT Social Entrepreneurship Awards possible.
The IMPACT Social Entrepreneurship Awards encourages collaborative interdisciplinary teams of CCA students to develop and actualize a social innovation project. All projects address a specific need in a local, national, or international community and are granted up to $10,000 each for projects that best exemplify interdisciplinary engagement, social entrepreneurship, and community collaboration.

Pig Pals
We are a group of alumni and current graduate students from California College of the Arts. Our vision is to make affordable and sustainable design rather than exclusive, learn from different cultures, exchange and Collaborate.

Leah Zaldumbide
Team Lead
Bachelor of Architecture
Expertise: potentials of public space, temporary installations, interim use of underutilized space Believes: Simple decisions ordinary people = change +

Margherita Buzzi
MFA Design
Expertise: Industrial design, graphic design, creating solutions for everyday life
Believes: apply new metodologías unexpected solutions to Obtain

Yuliya Grebyonkina
Bachelor of Architecture
Expertise: experimental architecture, urban design, tango, world exploring
Believes: positive thinking + hard work = good karma and succesful outcomes