Puerto El Morro 2009

Only with Natura 2009
By Maria Fernanda Cartagena *

Only with Natura has proven to be one of the programs most relevant contemporary art in the country. Its value lies in creating the conditions for artists and other cultural producers, along with residents of communities in the Ecuadorian coast, can forge dialogues and proposals of interest to those involved. The Residencia format helps artists to visitors, to the extent time constraints, have a more "real" and close approach to the context in which they enroll their work.

The two previous editions of the program have leaving and learning outcomes. Today it is clear that only with Natura faces a double challenge. To promote a place for art where, although there is great interest, training of artists not provide this direction, specifically as it relates to working with the community. In part this is because the range of courses or seminars in art faculties on insertion of art in the field of social or community art is quite marginal. Methodologies collaborative, participatory and contextual work between artists and different social groups are to be developed and theorized. The residence and faces the challenge of not only creating the logistical conditions, but also to design and develop reflective modes do in local community settings.

Evaluating past editions and recognizing the need to generate more relational contact zones, dialogic, collaborative, in short, more committed between artists and residents, has been chosen to promote the new edition workshop format.

The workshop platform is conceived here as a collective and experimental workspace, dialogue and exchange that is held on processes rather than outcomes. This format opens the way for the active contribution of those involved, it is held by the interest and commitment of the participants, facilitates communication, and especially promotes the formation of "cultural ecologies" that can be deployed in the future.

This idea of ​​the workshop was moved from its usual notion as a space dedicated to the production of a particular product (or crafts, painting, weaving, etc.) generally focused on the skills of the trade. While the workshop can envision the development of objects, texts or images, this will not be the main goal, not an end in itself. The workshop exercises promote symbolic turning into a space to catalyze demands, design projects, generate knowledge and / or making wishes. It will be a place of experimentation designed to stimulate micro-resistant subjectivity or critical of the colonial power and colonial difference.

The workshops should also consider, in its conceptualization and execution, his future life. This refers, in general terms, the possibility that participants continue their developed, possible drift and multiplication beyond the juncture of the Residence.

To implement this new format, it is planned to invite as coordinators / instigators of the workshops to artists with tilt and experience in this line of work.

Artists, after a visit to the Community, submitted projects for workshops organizers and directors of the commune. From that point we will proceed to your organization.

Invitation contemplates an international artist with extensive experience in this type of work. He or she will socialize their experience with local artists discussed their projects with colleagues view to strengthening, and will also coordinate a workshop with the community.

Each workshop will be attended by young artists who will participate as assistants in order to engage with this mode. For the selection of the call will be made public attendees. The selection of these will be in charge of the guest artists and organizing group.

Quito, August 2009

Note: The first version of this text for the project only with Natura 2009 was submitted in June and revised in August 2009