Puerto El Morro 2009

Call for Participation Workshop Assistant
Residence Only with Natura 2009

The third edition of the Natura Residence only be held in the Campus Puerto El Morro, located in the rural parish of El Morro, located in the Guayas Province (refer to Context).

For this edition, architects with extensive experience working with groups or communities prompted symbolic exercises in the workshop platform designed as contact area, experimentation, exchange, negotiation and dialogue with people.

This edition will promote collective dynamics, and promote collaborative artistic practices involving groups or communities as central to the process and experience.

In this line only with Natura convenes stakeholders (artists, managers, researchers, activists, etc.) to participate in the form of workshop attendees. The selection of partners will be in charge of the coordinators / partners and participants craftsmen. Applicants will be privileged youth in formation.

Residence will be held from Saturday 21 to Sunday 29 November this year.

Natura will only be charged to the transportation, lodging and meals for participants during the residence, and awarded a symbolic remuneration for such work.

The work of the attendees will be coordinated primarily by the artists and their collaboration throughout the residence are expected.

The workshops will be responsible for:

Josie Cáceres *
Falco * (Fernando Falconi)
Ana Fernández *
Fabiano Kueva and Mayra Estévez Experimental Center Ear Wild *
Alejandro Meitin collective Ala Plastic *

* See "Curriculum Coordinators Workshop" at the end.

General coordination only with Natura: Larissa Marangoni
Intermediators / partners: Manuel María Fernanda Cartagena and Kingman


Applications will be received until 30 September.
Inform selected: October 15
Working in situ: Saturday 21 to Sunday November 29, 2009

Application Form

Workshop Residence Assistant Only with Natura 2009.
Recinto Puerto El Morro, Guayas province.


Date of birth:
Mailing address:


Attach resume (in Microsoft Word document or PDF)

Artists and other Producers:

• Images of the works carried out over the past 5 years in digital format (jpg or tif). Maximum 10 images (max. 2MB per image) with their corresponding IDs and / or descriptions. Videos (max. 2) must be submitted online (Email link or files max. 10MB).

Other Disciplines:

• Texts published or not. Projects executed or in the process (documents in Microsoft Word, PDF or links)


Statement of Purpose on interest in participating in community art processes. In 1 facet A4, font size 12 (Microsoft Word document)


Send application by email with full name in the "subject" of your message to info@soloconnatura.org mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Curriculum coordinators workshops

Josie Thamar Cáceres (n. Quito) lives in Quito, Ecuador.
Choreographer and contemporary dancer. He participated in the Meeting of South American and European choreographers Collaboratory in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2005). Build Wonderful (2006) dance piece in collaboration with the Uruguayan choreographer Federica Folco as a result of residence in Brazil (2006). This instance of collaborative work has allowed him to explore and deepen the current processes of contemporary dance and its modes of creation. Currently investigated and addressed to the "suburbs and peripheries" within the limits of the proposed dance, so own, share and create other possibilities to relate the thought of body, subjectivity and movement. He has shared experiences with visual artists such as Ana Fernandez in the Gift project presented under the Al Festival Zurich (2007) and Tram Zero (2009). With Carolina Váscones and Irina Pontoon, choreographers, organized the meeting The Aesthetics of the Body (2008) where a visual contemporary artists, plastics, sculptors, writers, actors, designers and choreographers were invited to discuss the body, creative, expressive and possibilities performing. Ultimately working with the question of what a body can do? He has taught several workshops on "Creating Collaborative Processes" in Brazil and France together with Folco. He participated in the CETOJ Project, organized by FLACSO to work in dance (2008). I currently co-directs the VIDEODANCE Festival to be held in November in Quito with extension to other cities in Ecuador.

Falco (Fernando Falconi) (n. Cuenca, Ecuador) lives in Quito, Ecuador.
Multimedia Artist, Master in Arts and New Technologies at the European University of Madrid, Spain, and Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University of Cuenca. His work moves between the conceptual, political, critical, social, the public, the media, the use of new technologies and free culture. It has national and international awards and choices in contemporary art (visual arts, public art, art insertion into the public sphere, relational art and net.art); including: selected international project "Mapping Fourth", VII Meeting of Urban Art "at ich zur-2009", Quito; International selected project "Our Patroness of the Quarry," Sixth Meeting of Urban Art "at ich zur-2008"; International Selected for "Videonet-06", International Exhibition of Video and Net.Art, 2006, Spain; National selected project "The Good, the Beautiful, The Real Thing," Third Meeting of Urban Art "at ich zur-2005"; Honorable Mention IX National Hall Arts Foundation "El Comercio", 2004, Quito; National selected project "Textículos Scrambled", Chroma Art in the Public Sphere, Event "Wing Attack" and Anthropological Museum of Contemporary Art (MAAC), Guayaquil. Currently working as a coordinator and teacher career College of Communication Arts and Contemporary Arts at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Directs ARTLAB, Contemporary and Conceptual Design Company, Unlimited Company. This Bicentennial celebrated post-porn consuming decolonial and green olives.

Ana Fernández Miranda alias Texidor (n. Quito) lives in Quito, Ecuador.
He graduated from San Francisco Art Institute, USA, with a BFA in Painting. He received his MFA in Painting and Drawing from the California College of the Arts. Explore the intersection between fantasy and reality through drawing, painting, writing and erratic street actions. He has been Artist in Residence at Women's Studio Workshop, New York (2004) and has received several awards including the Pollock Krasner Foundation Award (2005) and Bernard Osher Foundation Grant (2006). Currently working at the Museum in a Box with an award from the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador Ecuadorian broadcast contemporary art in rural and low-income populations of Ecuador. He has exhibited in the United States, Latin America, Spain, Italy and Ecuador where his work is in various collections. He has developed extensive teaching at primary, secondary and university levels. Today he divides his time between Quito, Ecuador and San Francisco, California. He is represented by gallery Gachi Prieto Buenos Aires, Argentina. "I am interested in social work practice as long as developing a sense of belonging in a community that happens to be hearing or passive spectator and becomes a participant. Teach but I do not care to share, give, talk, build rapport with participants of a project. I've had some experiences as La Mesa de Miranda Texidor, a game of political discussions around the first and second round (2006). Gifts within the Gathering Urban Art Al Zur-ich (2008) and two sewing groups in 2007 and 2009, the latter derived from a collective that uses weaving, sewing, embroidery or patched as an artistic medium. in 2006 I was a student of Andrea Fraser and Ted Purves within the division of social practices of California College of the Arts, both decisive experiences in my current practice. "

Ear Wild Experimental Center Collective created in Quito in 1996 by artists from different fields, media and geographies. As RAEL (American Art Experimental Radio) developed laboratories, audio forums and interventions in public spaces under the name and methodology "Play School". Between 1998 and 2000 remained in the air the sound art radio show "Sailors of Ether." In 2001, became RAEL Experimental Center Ear Wild having as permanent members Iris Disse (Germany), Mayra Kueva Estevez and Fabiano (Ecuador), who in turn work as filmmakers, researchers and producers collectively generated projects, individual projects and related support artistic and social initiatives. The working platform and Ear Wild management is based on generating reflection and exchange of inputs, knowledge and practices sound and radio using low processing and transmission technologies AIR / ONLINE / IN SITU and tissue networks level dialogue Latin America. Ear Wild members have received 15 international awards his work and participated in international art events, communication, and cultural studies radialismo.