Morro y Puerto El Morro



Residence Only with Natura refines the details to start in November
THE COASTAL - October - 2009

"Larissa Marangoni mentalizing project, and the Minister of Culture, Ramiro Noriega, coordinated the implementation of this new edition of Private Only with Natura in Puerto El Morro"

Today starts only with Natura 2009
The Universe - Section Culture - November 21, 2009
"Estate. The event brings together artists and create projects for El Morro"

Only Natura starts working
The Telegraph - Section Culture - November 22, 2009
"Last year the activity in Limoncito reañizó commune in the province of Guayas"

Ripped Only with Natura Residence
The Universe - Culture section - November 23, 2009
"Integration. Artists and community participants discussed proposals"

El Morro with intense activity
The Universe - Section Culture - November 25, 2009
"Natura Residence only. There are six projects that the interaction of the community wanted"

Only Natura, Art in Social Sphere
Express - November 26, 2009
"Only with Natura is a residency program for contemporary art in community settings designed by artist Guayaquil, Larissa Marangoni and Funded by the Ministry of Culture"

Integration of community and artists in Puerto El Morro
The Universe - Section Culture - November 27, 2009
"Project. Residence is performed only natura 2009"
Artists residing in Puerto El Morro
The Telegraph - Section Culture - November 28, 2009
"The 2009 community art project with Natura just ends today"

History and Art "Solo Natura"
The Universe - Life and Style Section - November 29, 2009
"Coexistence. Artists and activists worked together with the people of Puerto El Morro projects such as community radio, sewing, studying history, etc."
Displays jobs in closure of residence
The Culture Section Universe - December 2, 2009
"Integration. Natura Solo Project, which brings together artists and community, completed in Puerto El Morro"

Puerto El Morro is ready for your home
The Offshore
"The training workshops and community dialogues will be the basis for the third residence to be held in the Campus Puerto El Morro .."