Puerto El Morro 2009

Josie Cáceres

When I was invited to Puerto El Morro, thinking that the community wanted a dance teacher, I was surprised at par rejoice. That surprise was due to trying to answer about why dance is invited to a project like Solo with Natura.

A job with the body? If any project walks alongside the body, how to approach the mine? That thought that afternoon I spoke with M. Fernanda.
The body through movement. A body that inhabits a particular place and a particular context. The first trip was explanatory. Puerto El Morro is a community dancing.
Several dance groups organized in Puerto El Morro. Dance in El Morro is an activity that has been practiced for some time ago, however I ran into the novelty of working with Andean music. Andean music and dance are part of the identity of the people and dancers.

However, some doubts were evident for other modes of dance. Instructors have the need to find other identities, perhaps closer to your environment. But do not know how to approach the creation and construction of the "way of dancing the coast." Dejan clear that their interest is to learn and perfect the technique and steps that allow them to engage with dance coast.

Not under the premise coast or mountains, dancing marimba or crawler, but how each has its "costeno" and related to that particular environment. Ie leave it in the dynamics of the working group at the time of labor, where the methodology is ordered.

Under principles of working with the idea of a body as a unit, with a body in relation to an environment, with a body that says what it says where it is, and where a body changes everything. Trying to facilitate other tools from the body to build body images, stemming from a different stage: personal and social. Work thinking that is from the body where it is built. Stories are constructed, ours, each of the children, youth, fishermen and weavers Puerto El Morro.

This proposal was shared with the leaders of groups in general. A series of questions that looked as noting what each movement were developed port. Proposals that were the starting point for our meeting in November. This initial proposal was made to all dance groups in general.
Questions raised were the following:
How to question the body? How to find answers from the body
This through body awareness, body without imparting pre dance techniques that aim to learn to repeat steps.

The intention was to achieve from their bodies to find ways of telling individuals what they decide, from Puerto El Morro.

In November, after the call came some leaders, and many young people and children, members of dance groups and not others. We sought to work the body from other imaginary that would allow to discover and explore other possibilities. Set other ways to address the construction of the body. Many of these questions were left unanswered.

More and more children joined the sessions. Therefore, the work otherwise headed. Proposals for work but from the game. But they could not fathom.
Another problem was that every day were more and others failed to develop continuity.

However, the work was conducted with much intensity and creative freedom.

The bodies were opening work, relaxing on the expectations of the results, and there were very rich and intense moments of work. Also important was the involvement of other partners only with Natura. The fact of their participation took a creative break the kids.
Everything was part of being here and now.

The use of metaphors in construction since the body was essential, and the ability to evoke and transmission has the body. Finally, I think again collaborate with dancers is interesting. I think it would be helpful to work on work aimed more leaders and choreographers. The goal would be other creation tools, not tools of repetition, and that each choreographer can turn your ideas across to people you work with. That is translated into some kind of product ideas and scenic searches.

Achieving work with current choreographers and others interested in the same space, sharing the same information and generate own group or individual results may help strengthen their own findings.