Puerto El Morro 2009

David Gutiérrez Castañeda
We are here; doing something
Artistic devices in Residence Only with Natura-Puerto Morro

By: David Gutierrez Castañeda
Workshop Critical History of Art, Bogota-Colombia.
Puerto El Morro November 2009 - Mexico City, March 2010

In mid-September 2009, María Fernanda Cartagena told me about a project, under the direction of Larissa Marangoni, connect sought in the political context of the Ecuadorian Guayas biocommunity art and social processes through working with artists residences: the project is called Alone With Natura. At that time I did not understand what was the initiative, I think perhaps my complete ignorance of ecological, commercial, colonial tensions employment, gender and health that carry the bodies of this part of the world; and even without understanding the artistic map, actors and poetic, that would enable this connection in Ecuador. Still, I decided to go to Puerto El Morro because I've spent major part of my life to documenting and understanding this proposed connection; somehow leave the Colombian context where the regime of violence ranks as framework such initiatives. Try some think the diaspora. (1)

Here I am, on the night of November 25, 2009 while Alejandro Meitin and other artists organize a meal of crabs and couplets with community members in the small hotel where we stayed, looking suddenly do something.

What do I do here ?, and this makes me wonder what else do we here?

Alexander came with a very clear idea: let permeate Puerto El Morro. Becoming. It even tells me that he will do anything that will get carried away by circumstances. I think maybe the circumstances are many and unattainable because I have not seen this Stop a moment of nothing, from meeting to meeting, visit to visit, travel and reading. As legal expert in environmental issues, also an artist, several community members will consult territorial policy issues. (Well, I must say that escapes without anyone noticing in the evenings to sleep, only way to recover from a certain intensity of the actions being carried out by him and the other artists in this small community) <. / br>
David Gutiérrez Castañeda
What are you doing Alejandro ?, What am I doing to document what he and the other artists do?

Today, Wednesday, Alejandro organized its principal becoming. Since last Sunday as sharp eye takes knowing the food, community leaders and the most problematic social circumstances. Denotes that leaders are also popular musicians and as one of them, Peter, very religious.
Contemplating this network, tells me that you want to artistically influence appreciably in these circumstances. How? With the help of Eduardo, Paulina and Gaby, other artists, met Peter, Obando and others to compose popular songs. Choruses that are invented guitars speak of daily life with a humorous (and I keep thinking that with some nostalgia too). Today a meeting was planned to determine the compositions of the couplets in a typical regional dinner cooking all day in the small hotel: crabs, rice, cooked vegetables and beer. The guests, all of us artists and managers invited to residence in Puerto Morro, journalists, musicians, leaders, cooks and the occasional neighbor. Tonight we sang and talked of past and present history of Puerto El Morro. I, on the search do not stop taking notes in my notebook and take pictures.

It is a little later, I review the photos and notes. I am very encouraged by what I witnessed. The camaraderie that was formed, open dialogue among people that their concerns they have separated, the emotional intensity that was unveiled, delicious food and, above all, creative mobilization on the life of Puerto El Morro that enabled the idea of ​​singing songs. This had a good night, everyone. I am relaxed my current search for a sense of empathy: what happens tonight me and the others I have seen it happen, not without tension or conflict in the work of other artists. I distensiono to the extent that I found something in my make articulates my presence apprehends mobilizations artists. I build, somehow, the memory of the experience.

The mobilizations like befall those who become part of the artistic actions could do flow through / over / through / aware of the contradictions of the social life of Puerto El Morro;
We have enabled the social body the unveil, and somehow connects me to make do with that. verbalize this empathy and motivation generated in the interaction that is enabling

To this end I would like to call for the demonstrations that are developing as artists devices. We understand in this context as a mechanism device arranged to produce a proposed action, an organization to commit an action. Intuitive resources are organized, from the modes of contemporary artistic sensibility, available to produce real and personal dialogues about ways to live / recording / act / feel / go / live Puerto El Morro. The devices produce new ways of naming the circumstances of life in Puerto El Morro, are poetic empathy.

Awareness of this empathy dislocated in an unexpected place the concept of social responsibility, as it is art than Alone With Natura is: it is not a matter to mitigate / resolve the contradictions of the social future of the community (in political terms or economic) but to invent / recreate the affectionate ability to interact with us and the community, and thereby mobilize what is present / invisible in the social body but reveals our initiative as a catalyst. I now believe that only deals with Natura sensitive dimension of social responsibility.

We are here; doing something. We are, / intellectual / managers / journalists, artists here in Puerto El Morro community in the province of Guayas in Ecuador; doing, for a week of hard work, something mobilize the experience of inhabiting the place.

Are these enough devices? No, to the extent that the future of social flow is overwhelming and less confined to a work week in Puerto El Morro. The same body of community and social problems are increasingly more complex to the extent that we know more and link us, and even more sensitive when mobilization requires consolidated bonds of trust. To this extent, devices like concrete actions are not an end in themselves but a means to an ongoing process of working with the community. They go beyond this week.

Are they a solution to social problems these devices? No, the devices are not a solution. The flow of life becomes constantly conflicting and therefore assume a place in the world is in terms of mobilizing the energies of the body to the circumstances to continue the common future. The devices are rather tactics to these energies of the body in sensitive terms are recognized. They are relevant but not total, are process.

After eating and singing, as Alejandro prompted us, it is clear that nothing was solved and was enough against the life course of Puerto El Morro but came a feeling of togetherness, energy that mobilize whatever we have to develop both we and the people of Puerto El Morro.

I leave the text now, it's late and I need to rest. I heard someone say that we need so much activity distensionarnos. Maybe tomorrow we go to the beach, a little indulgence will be fine.


(1) The process of Solo Residence With Natura - Puerto El Morro was ahead in one week in November 2009 under the direction of Larissa Marangoni and Maria Fernanda Cartagena. To this were invited Experimental Center The Wild Heard a community radio project; Fernando Falconi (Falco) with a draft report on a "living map";