Isla Santay 2007

Meeting Meeting I and II

Very different is the use made ​​of the role that Christian made ​​with Mary. Two objects found in the vicinity of the village: a window which despite being found abandoned and was in perfect state-what seemed a lid plastic container, he served as molds for making a sort of intaglios that settled in two houses native by way of awnings and blinds.

Christian Proaño
As a form of intaglio engraving, the crux of this work may lie in fixing the waste footprint restoring him to life, as if he redeems the limbic territory where floating objects discard. So the artist allegorized operation that art performs and again redeem flows anonymity, their asignificancia, its insignificance things to give full, unexpected direction, making it visible, while integrating and communication space.

But I find I and II also involve the testimony and the imprint of his intimate, intense relationship with the natural elements of the island.

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