Isla Santay 2007

Ideogram Pelican

. The Estero de San Francisco are two works: Ideogram of Guayaquil Pelicano artist Hernan Zuniga and artist Adrian Cuenca inventory Washco

Together with her daughter Trilce Hernan summoned his work in one of the privileged places of the place, an open field surrounded by towering royal palms along the river.

His proposal as Adrian and Juan Carlos Leon Washco fall within the land art, artistic expression that emerged in the mid-60s with a clear ecological orientation and reviewed against deterioration of nature produced by industrial society. The land-art uses natural elements and intervenes directly transforming the landscape into abstract formations often by plowing, digging, leveling and cutting floor. In the art of the earth as this is the support of art work not only becomes the continent of the work but part of its contents, gives meaning to the whole work, is the giver of meaning say to refer to their reproductive force . Hernan Zuniga
On earth, using rice husks and coal materials from getting a suggestive chromatic and textural contrast, Hernán drew a large pelican, whose sleek, sophisticated design of Manteno- provine huncavilca culture that took seat in the territories make up the provinces of Guayas and Manabi. The iconic motif, as the materials used by the artist are activating the meaning of the work, because what at first seems a mere reminiscence or nostalgia for the pre-Columbian imagery actually involves an act of restitution multiple and deeply critical of primitive nature of the island.

Representing the pelican one hand implies rethinking legacy and survival of pre-Columbian cultures, and secondly to practice a kind of symbolic plot of an endangered species. But refunds are organic, plastic elements chosen background triggers, as rice chaff as coal allude to the former rice plantations and coal industries scorched and devastated the native soil.
Additionally Hernán deeply connected the atmosphere of the place-many evenings at the end of the day, we saw him appear radiant eyes have witnessed a cosmic revelation or illumination using vegetable waste, developed a schematic and portable Santay Venus as a religious fetish, a result of their mystical and erotic relationship with the island.