Isla Santay 2007

Hospedaje y el símbolo

Cristóbal Zapata

This work hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder, I do not use speech as a mere crutch, but literally conveys the relationship between artists and their assistants, called briefly reflect on the notion of hospitality, on the hospital we went gesture object.

I speak of hospitality not only in the sense of warm welcome and generous guests as indeed did the men, women and children Santay, but that fundamental hospitality analyzed by Derrida in his beautiful essay on the subject, for whom the real and deep hospitable act happens when the host listens to the voice of the alien in their mother tongue, the language it brings from outside, from a distance, from their place of origin, from the other side. About this Derridean postulate, I think the artist as abroad is the bearer of a strange speech, a discourse of otherness, of perifierie and extramural, and lend an attentive, loving listening to the language of the other and what another is the foundation of entertainment and artistic communication. Not forgetting that "the other, as pointed out by the philosopher, to the extent that it is the other, it questions, ask us. We question our assumptions in knowledge, in our certainties, our legalities, we ask for them and thus introduces the possibility of some separation within ourselves, we do toward us. "In an area where the role of the other is interchangeable -subject exchanged between the host and the guest, where one may be the other and vice versa, that question falls to two-way opera.

Closely linked to the idea of ​​hospitality is the symbolic relationship established artists with the space and its people. Recall that originally, the symbol naming the medal or coin that the homeowner divided into two parts by delivering one guest or pilgrim, so that if the donor and last time they returned to host finds it is recognized that the gathered -encajándolas- two parts of the symbol; these are: symbolic element that brings abroad and symbolized element that has kept the host

. Santay Island - Lodging and the symbol
Applying our project this symbolic relationship dynamics would say that the island represents the cosmos symbolized houses, preserves and holds deposit images and elements on which the artists were working their symbols. The symbolic event then occurs when the native artists and throw together the two parts of the symbol as sym-bolon etymologically, means nothing to throw at the same time both sides of the coin or medal that they meet possible that re-cognition, that communicative trade establishes the artwork. Thus, the symbol, as well has seen Eugenio Trías- "is a unit presupposes a split.": In this case, the nature of man, and the "symbolic drama" is resolved when the encounter occurs
These reflections might reach a hurry to summarize what I consider the deeper meaning of our residence and action on the island, beyond the commendable interest of the organizers to preserve this natural area safe from any public or private initiative to invade and transform this unique ecosystem ; but these notes help me to introduce the work of artists.