Isla Santay 2007

Carpe Diem

As expected, almost all the projects submitted by artists and approved by the organizers, suffered during their stay in the island substantial changes. The physical and human reality that they found, forced radical reconsiderations (either by addition or deletion) in the same way that the circumstances determined the location and placement of the works within the space. This is what happened with the draft Katya, who cut part of its initial proposal and produced a video that was not in its plans.

Katya Hunting
In his luggage, Christian brought a copy of Carpe Diem, the novel by Canadian writer Saul Bellow, whose title took Katya to his work. Carpe Diem is the famous Horatian formula which translated from Latin means "take" or "seize the day Flower", ie, a call to seize the present, the moment fleeting and elusive face an uncertain future. For an artist who had planned to collect the flowers and seeds of the island in order to develop a herbal, the phrase came to him like a glove, and ended up using it in your video. For this, Katya wrote on the shore of the island Horace's phrase river waves soon erase. The proposal recalls, among other similar, that the Cuban artist Ana Mendieta performed in 1976 on a Mexican beach, where he dug his silhouette on the sand then undid the waves.

What survived their initial project is a small facility that assembled at the house of one of the participants of the project. Inspired by the categories developed by the anthropologist Levi-Strauss in his study The Raw and the Cooked, Katya joined a small altarpieces whose kitchen and dining staging evokes the restaurants kitchen using high sets of children's toys on digitally printed papers which are some of the terms analyzed by Lévi-Strauss ("feed", "eat", "quench", "devour", etc.). One of these sets is a tea set, where varieties are "white mangrove tea", "tea mangle black" and "red mangrove tea"-the scientifically established typology of mangrove islands.
Perhaps the place unsuitable for its complex intellectual support, this work has the merit of breaking into a private habitat ¬-the home of a bachelor man who in his life with a work whose imagery has not escaped the label "female "surely you will experience unexpected feelings in front of her. Importantly, the work will happen there in this tete a tete between the host and the symbolic product holder and become one in a privileged spectator of the proposal, which the circle of symbolic events and entertainment closes smoothly.