Isla Santay 2007

Speech Bubbles y Speaking with Valentin

To Speech Bubbles (speaking bubbles), Kim developed slates foam flex (duly masilladas to give greater consistency), reminiscent of the bubbles of comics, and invited the people of the island to draw and write on its surface any matter it occurred to them. So, what the artist was opened a channel of communication, a means of expression, enunciation device for the people. Beyond the naive character, were naive representations (primarily mimetic, whether linked to their natural, built environment or the media concerning) these blisters as air bubbles hanging in the urban space, not only took the pulse of the local imagination but had the merit of reviving and reactivating motor skills and intellective insular stifled by routine and lack of training, leading to a direct interaction between inhabitants.

Kim Waale
But perhaps most important of this proposal is that these blisters sometimes made ​​of branches or paper were erected as question marks within the living space. The empty slates they questioned the villagers, pushing friendly, playful to give an answer, to interact with the space become plastic poster in community mural.

In the dining room of the island, perhaps the heart of this internship, because according to the needs it was transformed into meeting place, meeting place, bar-cafeteria and Kim faced slates drawn by his partner Valentino Dominguez on the window kitchen with a series of bubbles made ​​in -localizadas wire on the balcony baluster-room-slim design which symbolizes certain places in Guayaquil that can be seen from this point, recognized by Valentino spaces as references of the city: the slaughterhouse, the landing fish, the Milling, shrimp, the Universal, the Caraguay market and slaughterhouse.

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Species illustrated sketch of Guayaquil, from a storyteller and a native point of view, with Valentino speking subtly revealed the scope of economic and cultural relations with the City Islanders, while effectively solved manually working-through of the language gap enters the artist and volunteer intermediate invented a speech, an utterance of intercession and intersection.