Isla Santay 2007

Mapping the Island
Christopher Zapata

After finding works scattered over the island, to organize my tour, I parceled anatomically the island into three zones or districts, as if the nomenclature of the political division opposed sensory, erotic nomenclature. These three areas are the equivalent in the head, trunk and limbs of the human body.

The first is the landing area (corresponding to the head) and is where the spring is arriving, the crowded, visible part of the island.

The second is the erogenous zone (corresponding to the trunk) is found both outside the village as eco-tour, is the forbidden area, dangerous, prohibited by it somehow, and corresponds to the mangrove forest with its exotic and luxurious vegetable brush.

Finally I propose to call this the DMZ or muscle relaxation (corresponding to the extremities of the body), and is where the wetlands are located, the area certainly richer and visual impact and where we will start our