Isla Santay 2007


For many years, an important segment of artwork Mary Giehl has focused on making clothes for abused children, victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse, who attended and met during the thirty years I worked as a nurse. These dresses are sculptures carved around the body and obliquely fall within what has been called fashion-art stream where fashion, sculpture, architecture and performance merge generating a plurality of purposes and meanings.

Mary Giehl
For Wearables ("Wearable") that drafted on the island (one outfit for her and a girl, with their vegetable accessories. Wristbands bracelets, necklaces, tiaras) developed structures with branches collected on the spot. These frames were then coated paper worked hard. During the day, Mary gathered and tied with wire branches at night while thorough and lovingly stitched fabrics that serve as the basis for establishing the role. If your stitches sewn dresses for children, -discursivamente¬- heal the wounds inflicted on the innocent, and branches gathered on the island bonded repair the natural order that was broken sometime. Thus under the codes and appearance of glamor Mary Giehl pressing problems call into question the social and natural environment.

The opening day, Mary wore her dresses parading with a girl of the place by the rustic stone walkway leading to the dock.

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